One Team V, Week III: What is the Ivy Project?


In the third week of the fifth edition of the One Team, it was time to get to know the Ivy Project in depth. Mari Carmen López, Social Worker Project Hiedra, is responsible for telling us the Ivy Project, the basis of this new adventure of One Team, "was born in 2002 as an initiative in the neighborhood of the Olivereta, is a time of arrival of migrants from Latin America, and from the Parish Caritas of María Medianera we see the need to create a project that supports, supports and accompanies the families we are receiving and integrate them into the neighborhood."


And from there, how do you get to basketball? "Three years ago, La Caixa's Social Work Program did a basketball tournament in the City of Arts and Sciences, and we wanted to point to several of the children we had, there sharing the morning with other projects we realized that one Of the alternatives that could be worked with this stage of adolescence is to offer them an alternative leisure to which these minors are accustomed"


The experience left them more than satisfied, "the response was great, as a result of this formed a basketball team, we gave priority to leisure in the minors, a healthy leisure, healthy, and for us since then one of the fundamental pillars In this stage is to work the management of free time".


This new project taronja helps them to improve their dynamics, "One Team is making them much as a group, be more partners, are coordinating to come, to work, then relate ... and in another area maybe not They do, they make their little groups, but here the dynamics are related to each other, and it's working great."


This Project has 10 practices, starting now, and finishing on February. We want youngsters to live positive experiences and healthy habits to be able to transfer them on scholarship or in their working experiences. Valencia Basket players Sam Van Rossom and Luke Sikma will take part on practices as ambassadors.